General Guidelines to consider

Why did you start CustomEssayDeal.com?

Students have a huge challenge getting essay writing companies. There are a number of factors to consider, like the quality of the essay writing company, its customer support system, the prices they offer and reputation. For a student to look through all the important matters for the best experiences, he or she misses out on other crucial aspects like saving via coupon codes and discount. Comparing them site to site would be a ridiculously slow process. CustomEssayDeal.com was started to be able to list all the discounts and coupons in best reviews of essay writing services so that the student consumer spent a small amount of time seeking and find good ones to use.

Is CustomEssayDeal.com a charged coupon site?

No. Students don’t get to pay or get charged for using the services we offer on this website. However, students should note that the prices offered by essay writing companies differ and they’ll have to look into that on the coupon publisher websites.

What is a featured coupon?

There are very many coupons as you can imagine added to this website. This means that some coupons become popular while others stay unused. The featured coupon is the most redeemed coupon.

Student FAQs

Can I trust the companies listed on this website?

The listing of coupons on this website precedes us conducting deep research into the operation of each essay writing company. We even write an overview talking about every individual essay company meaning that you can read the summary to make a decision. With that said, all the companies listed here are legitimate essay writing services. But when you have a bad experience with any of them, feel free to share such details with us and we will do the necessary. Our goal is to make essay buying a clean transaction, for free.

Do I need to sign up to use CustomEssayDeal.com?

You do not have to sign up to use CustomEssayDeal.com as a service. However, we often suggest you send yourself an email with this url to ensure that your shopping list maximizes on the saving opportunities.

What should I do with a stale coupon code?

 We take all measures to ensure that all coupon codes posted are valid. But if you come across one that doesn’t work, please alert us. But also verify that the coupon code is not case sensitive.

Is there a way to save coupon?

The best way to save a coupon is to take a picture with your phone. Alternatively, you can always email it to yourself or visit this website before making a purchase.